Bureau Of Statistics Planning & Development Department
Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

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Organization Hierarchy

Tariq Mahmood

Contact Info: 0333-9102718

Mr. Mohammad Farooq

Deputy Director
Contact Info: 0333-9380455

Mr. Salim Khan

Asst. Director (Budget & Accounts / Administration)
Contact Info: 03469074280

Mr. Nasir Khan

PA to Director
Contact Info: 0333-9380455

Mr. Mir Ahmad

Contact Info: 0303-8322416

Mr. Shakeel Ahmad

Contact Info: 03077177261

Mr. Sabir Khan

Contact Info: 0345-4584456

Mr.Bilal Ahmad

Junior Clerk
Contact Info: 03334939080

Mr. Mohammad Naeem

Contact Info: 0333-9339580

Mr. Multan Khan

Contact Info: 0344-9833158

Mr. Abdullah

Junior Statistical Computer
Contact Info: 0333-9127348

Mr. Anwar Khan

Statistical Officer(Agriculture)
Contact Info: 0346-9484557

Mr. Saddat Hussain

Junior Statistical Computer
Contact Info: 0333-9127353

Mr. Arshad Mehmood

Statistical Officer (Transport & Comms)
Contact Info: 0321-9027521

Mr. Hazrat Ali Khan

Statistical Officer(A.D.P)
Contact Info: 0336-9284192

Mr. Javed Iqbal

Junior Statistical Computer
Contact Info: 0333-9666691

Mr. Aashiq Rasool

Junior Statistical Computer
Contact Info: 0346-9802471

Mr. Jehanzeb

Statistical Officer(Industries,Prices)
Contact Info: 0346-9802471

Mr. Shahnawaz

Senior Statistical Computer
Contact Info: 0302-8808423

Mr. Mohammad Hussain

Junior Statistical Computer
Contact Info: 0333-9132522

Mr. Tanvir Ahmad

Statistical Officer(Local Bodies, Labour Force)
Contact Info: 0306-5656089

Qazi Fahad

Database / Network Administrator
Contact Info: 0300-9593870

Waheed ur Rehman

Assistant Programmer
Contact Info: 0300-5755357

Mr. Jawad Khan

Data Processing Officer
Contact Info: 0346-5516760

Mr. Saqib Afridi

Computer Operator
Contact Info: 0342-9742673

Bilal Galib

Computer Operator
Contact Info: 0333-9269361

Mr. Nafees ur Rehman

Computer Operator
Contact Info: 0344-8991365

Mr. Haseeb Jan

Hardware Technician
Contact Info: 03339063364

Akbar Khan

Statistical Officer
Contact Info: 03005958451

Faiz ur Rahman

Assistant Director
Contact Info: 03349046639