Agriculture constitutes the largest sector of our economy. Majority of the population is directly or indirectly, dependent on this sector. It contributes about 24 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and accounts for half of the employed labour force. It is the largest source of foreign exchange earnings.

Ensuring food security and controlling food inflation are the main tasks for policymakers and macroeconomists, especially in the context of poverty alleviations and food security measures. Hence, statistical data on this sector are imperative for policy interventions.

This sector covers Agriculture, Livestock, Land Use, Food and Metrology. Data come as secondary source from Crop Reporting Center, Directorate of Livestock and Dairy Development, and Pakistan Metrological Centre.


The statistics mainly cover the following:

  • Area, Production and Yield per Hectare of major crops, minor crops, fruits, vegetable and pulses. 
  • Land utilization.
  • Sources of irrigation. 
  • Number of farm by size, sales and prices of fertilizer by district, tractor population by district, plant protection coverage through ground operation, fruit sapling distributed, fruit nursery farms, district and year-wise physical progress of soil conservation.
  •  Monthly Mean temperature and rainfall at selected stations and monthly humidity at selected stations.
  • Food storage accommodation in government godowns. 
  • Stock position of wheat in provincial reserves and releases from government godowns.