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World Statistics Day 2015

 Message of BoS KP on World Statistics Day 20th October 2015.

To reveal the significance of statistics, I would like to narrate a story of ancient times. A king wished to conquer some neighboring territories but the actual numbers of people required to be recruited as soldiers, was not known to him. He conducted a census so as to know what human strength is available. Historian termed it the first ever statistical activity, well before the introduction of mathematics.
With the passage of time statistics evolved as discipline taught in schools and universities. We in our daily life use a lot of statistics yet it remained un-noticed. For instance if someone told us the temperature our bodies according feel it, though the feeling is spontaneous yet it is statistical information that perpetuates the effect. What is temperature; it is an indicator to measure the level of heat. The phenomenon is though natural but the measurement is STATISTICS. Now see how we use statistics in our lives without noticing it. Another example, if we want to purchase a large amount of a commodity, we don’t check the whole lot but pick a sample of the lot and decide whether to purchase it or not. What is this? This is again the use of statistics, more specifically actually we did sampling, yet we don’t notice it.
Statistics plays a vital role in our lives and therefore on the Statistics day the Logo is Better data- Better lives. Sustainable Socio-economic development is not possible unless it is not based on reliable, precise and timely statistics. A famous proverb is IF YOU CAN NOT MEASURE, YOU CAN NOT MANAGE. Having said that, the best tool for measurement is Statistics.
On the World Statistics day, on the behalf of Bureau of Statistics Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, let me assure all the users that BOS KP will leave no stone unturned in providing accurate, reliable and timely statistics for bringing positive change in the lives of the masses. We are thankful to all partner organizations and departments who provide us valuable data, they generates, allowing BoS KP in producing their annual ,monthly and ad-hoc publications. 
For the information of public it is shared that BoS KP produces the following publications:
Development Statistics 
District – wise socio economic indicators
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in figures 
Monthly industrial and employment survey
Monthly prices survey
These publications are available on our official website