About Bos

The Bureau of Statistics (BOS) was established in 1971 after dissolution of one unit as a statistical arm of Planning and Development Department for the collection, consolidation, processing, analysis, publication and dissemination of statistics on economic, social, demographic and other important dimensions. Being a premier provincial statistical organization and an attached Department of Planning & Development Department, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the BOS caters to the data needs of diverse populace of data users while meeting national and international standards of data classifications and protocols.  It generates timely and reliable statistics through surveys and secondary data.  


Generate and dessiminate objective- oriented, credible and timely official statistics to facilitate policymakers, planners and other users of the data to take informed decisions and make the best use of data for sustainable and inclusive development.

 Prime Objectives

  • To establish an effecient, professional and statistically sound system in the Province.
  • To formulate  inidcators and collect data against estabilshed indicators  periodically.
  • To bring improvement in the scope and coverage of existing statistical reports making them more user friendly.
  • To build capacities of staff in various fields of Data Management.

 Key Functions

  •  Liaison with the Federal Government, Provincial Line Departments, District Governments and other development partners for all statistical matters.
  • Provide expertise and training to Provincial Line Departments and District Governments to improve statistical information and data management.
  • To collect and analyze Primary and Secondary socio-economic data and present facts and figures in a desired format to best serve the needs of data users.
  • Prepare and disseminate statistical publications and information to data users.
  • To act as representative of the Province in all Statistical Pannels of the Federal Government.

 Core Values

User- centric – Following demand-driven approach we remain much cognizance of the priorities and needs of our data users while offering our product and services.

Quality - We produce high quality statistical products and services involving heightened level of efficiency and professionalism including robust adherence to national and international standards.

Confidentiality – It is ensured that the personal information relating to data providers remain confidential.

Impartiality- Data reporting is quite neutral, transparent and impartial.

Accessibility Our statistical information shall be easily and timely accessible to a wide range of data users to facilitate application of data. 

Team work- An effective team work supported with human resource development is centerpiece of our services.